invisalignChoosing between Invisalign or braces to achieve the best outcome from your orthodontic treatment depends on a number of factors related to your teeth, what your orthodontist recommends and whether your orthodontist is an Invisalign provider. At Professional Dental, we understand why our clients are interested in the benefits of Invisalign treatment. Invisalign appeals to many clients over braces for several reasons, such as flexibility in tray removal, less risk of damage to teeth, comfort level, virtually invisible, and ease of dental care.  In many cases, our dental team often finds it is indeed an impressive treatment to straighten a particular client’s teeth. If you are looking for an orthodontist near Ogden, UT call (801) 479-1300 to schedule an appointment today!

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To determine whether Invisalign will be successful for a client, we conduct a thorough examination, no-obligation free orthodontic x-rays and a comprehensive consultation to ensure that we can knowledgeably advise them on the wisest course of action to straighten their teeth. While both types of treatments have pros and cons, there are certain, specific problems that are better corrected with traditional braces.

5 Cases that are Best Treated with Braces

  1. Vertical movement
  2. Mesiodistal or upright root movement
  3. Rotation of incisors and/or premolars
  4. Severe bite issues
  5. Children without second molars

If your dental concerns do not fall into the above categories, Invisalign may be a perfect option to straighten your teeth. Additionally, Invisalign may be a second line of defense to correct minor uprighting after stubborn problems are treated with traditional braces. At Professional Dental, we want our clients to be happy with their smiles which is why we are Invisalign providers and offer braces as avenues to straightening teeth.

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Since 2004, Professional Dental has been committed to providing superior dental care that improves our clients’ smiles and protects their overall dental health. As an experienced orthodontist with over 11 locations to serve Utah residents, we strive to deliver top-quality dentistry to clients of all ages in various communities across the state. Contact our friendly staff today by calling (801) 479-1300 to join our list of satisfied clients!